Johanna Anjar

Johanna Anjar Quaternary geologist

My strong interest in glaciers and arctic environments led me to an education in geology. I later specialized in Quaternary geology and in 2013 I finished my PhD on the Weichselian in south Sweden and in the SW Baltic Sea. The collaborative nature of these projects also gave me experience in planning and coordinating a project with co-workers in several countries.

Employment history

2017 - Lecturer, University of South-Eastern Norway
2017 Guest lecturer, Göteborg University
Held a course in Quaternary Geology
2014 - 2016 Postdoctoral Fellow, Norwegian University of Science and Technology
2014 Associate Professor, Environmental Science, Norwegian University of Life Sciences
Primary teacher on the course Kvartærgeologi, an introduction course in Quaternary Geology.
2013 - 2014 Laboratory assistant in the 14C-laboratory, Lund University
Pre-treatment of commercial samples (wood, charcoal, macrofossils, bones and shells) for radiocarbon dating at Lund University AMS 14C-laboratory.
2008 - 2013 PhD-student in Quaternary Geology, Lund University
Project: The Weichselian in southern Sweden and the southwestern Baltic Sea: glacial stratigraphy, palaeoenvironments and deglaciation chronology.
Supervisors: Nicolaj Krog Larsen, Lena Adrielsson, Svante Björck, Helena Filipsson, Per Möller.


2008 - 2013 PhD in Quaternary Geology, Lund University
2004 - 2008 Master of Science (1 year) in Geology, Lund University
Master's degree (Magisterexamen, a 4-year education corresponding to at least 240 ECTS) in Geology with Quaternary Geology as main subject and Mathematics as a secondary subject (82.5 ECTS).

Expedition experience

2012 Taymyr, SWEDARCTIC 2012
Participated in the fieldwork for the project: ”Taymyr revisited – a quest for former Eurasian Ice Sheet margins and mega-fauna extinction during the last glacial cycles”.

Exchange periods

2014 - 2016 University of Bern
Visited the Institute of Geological Sciences, University of Bern (four months in total).
2011 Aarhus University
Visited the Department of Geoscience during four months.


2020 - Georesources and groundwater, University of South-Eastern Norway
Subject coordinator.
2018 - Geologi og landskap (Geology and landscape), University of South-Eastern Norway
Subject coordinator, online and campus course.
2018 - 2019 Hydrologi og grunnvann (Hydrology and groundwater), University of South-Eastern Norway
Lecturer (2018), subject coordinator (2019).
2017Kvartärgeologi (Quaternary geology), Göteborg University
Held a course in Quaternary Geology at the Geoscience program. Lectures, exercises and excursions.
2014Kvartærgeologi (Quaternary geology), Norwegian University of Life Sciences
Primary teacher, responsible for lectures, seminars and for the grading of exercises and reports.
2008 - 2016Glacial sedimentology, processes, sediments and landform systems, Lund University
Lecturer (2013, 2016)
Led a six-day excursion to Finse, Norway (2013).
Teaching assistant on excursions in Norway and Sweden (2008-2011).
Led exercises in glacial sedimentology (2008-2011, 2013) and air-photo interpretation (2008, 2011).
2013 Miljögeologisk markundersökning (Environmental geology), Lund University
Jointly led a two-day field exercise in Quaternary mapping and graded field reports.
2009 - 2010 Hydrogeology, Lund University
Jointly led laboratory exercises in hydrogeology and graded reports.

Selected courses

2019 Undervisning, læring og vurdering i høyere utdanning (University pedagogy), University of South-Eastern Norway, 10 ECTS
2010 Learning and teaching in higher education, Lund University, 3 ECTS.
2009 Arctic Terrestrial Quaternary Stratigraphy, UNIS, 10 ECTS.
2009 Glaciology, UNIS, 10 ECTS.


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